Fountain Garments Manufacturing LTD.


Fountain Garments Manufacturing Ltd. is one of the pioneer in Garments Business in Bangladesh having 2 factories, namely Fountain Garments Manufacturing Ltd & Fountain Garments Washing Ltd  Altogether the group has 37 sewing lines with capacity of 1,200,000 units per month in different product categories.

Factories  are  equipped with modern machine and augmented with latest attachments. Our total number of machines  in the Group are around 2674 which are increasing with the increase of business volumes. Considering the importance of backward linkage in Garment Sector, printing & finishing of different  types,  contents and constructions  of good quality fabric.

Fountain Garments Manufacturing Ltd. Has also Below:

  1. Embroidery : We have 4 embroidery machines of total 40 heads within shortest possible time.
  2. Screen Printing : We have affiliated factory, Union Accessories Ltd, which does all of our screen printing work.
  3. Sample Room : We have fully equipped independent sample room. Beside that we  have  sample making units in each factories/Zone.
  4. CAD Section : For prompt calculation of consumption of fabric & to get best possible marker  layout  we  have  Gerber system in our factory. We are also using computer maker for our production facilities which is continuously supplying by CAD section.